The Essential 2017 Feature List

B2B Feature list

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Below is just a small snapshot of the types of features our B2B clients are benefiting from …

Familiar “B2C like” shopping experience

Complex B2B functionality is intelligently incorporated into familiar shopping screens which look like B2C sites on the surface.

Complex Price Handling

complex price handling

Supporting varied pricing levels for different customers no matter how complex the price list, discount and promotion structures are…


Customer experience for different clients are easily personalised including real-time tailored catalogue views and allowable products for individual customers, contracts, brands, territories….

B2B Optimised Cart Checkouts

Optimised multi-step checkout engineered for speed and simplicity and handling all the complex and essential PO and invoice related requirements of trade customers…

Mobile optimised experience

Mobile responsive webstores optimised for mobile browsers and dedicated mobile iOS & Android platform B2B ecommerce apps for your customers, agents and reps.

Real-time inventory

Clearly communicate real-time inventory information relating to stock levels, forward orders and back orders to certain customers…

Buyer Dashboards

dashboard and ordering

Dashboard experience with reminders & alerts for business customers who need useful B2B tools that make dealing with your company quick & efficient … so they can do their job

Customer “Self Service”

Give customers “self-service” access to real-time account statements 365-24-7 to reduce debtor days & free up resource …

E-Procurement Controls

Customers can set their own staff budgets, order restrictions & workflows to control and limit expenditure…

Spend Analysis

Business customers can self-analyse their purchases by allocating their own cost centre codes to individual orders or even order lines within these orders….

Fast Order Pads

fast order pads

B2B personalised order pads bypass catalogue browsing to speed up and better organise re-ordering of frequent orders …

Order Line Item File Imports

Order file import options for customers who want to build their orders offline (i.e. using a spreadsheet or their purchasing systems) to quickly build a basket.

Customer EPOS & Web feeds

If your customers run retail stores or their own ecommerce sites they can download your product data in the format they require.

Drop Ship

If some of your customers have a drop ship arrangement with you they can order on behalf of their customer.

Promotions & Cross Selling

Vendors are able to setup powerful promotions, loyalty schemes and can also positon vertical items to increase customer engagement & average order values.

Kits, Bundles & Assemblies

Kits, bundles & other complex grouping of products, linked purchases, vertical and cross-selling opportunities are fully supported ….

International Languages & Currency

Selling overseas is easy with tools that give you full control over languages (including Cyrillic and symbol based), currencies and other geographic trading related elements

Deep ERP Integration

Connects all systems used for accounts, warehouse management, sales order processing & inventory control to the ecommerce website…

White Label Webstore Creator

This simple wizard enables manufacturers & distributors to instantly create personalised ecommerce webstores & portals for use by clients, partners, brands, sectors without technical assistance.

Punchout Integration

Punchout integration for your largest customers who require integration of your B2B ecommerce systems to their purchase ledger…