B2B Ecommerce Platform for manufacturers, distributors & wholesalers

The Netalogue B2B platform is functionally rich and highly scalable; it is used and trusted by SMEs through to large enterprises, to run their online channels and make them leaders within their sectors It is easily and quickly configured to meet business requirements, removing the need for development and reducing time to market.

Netalogue were one of the first ecommerce companies to recognise the complexities of B2B ecommerce. The Netalogue™ B2B platform is not based on B2C technology, it was designed and developed from the ground up to be a thoroughbred B2B enterprise ecommerce platform to meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers

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Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce platform

Netalogue constantly analyse and review the world of B2B ecommerce to determine which features and functionality are really important to the majority of businesses. All Netalogue B2B Ecommerce platform clients benefit from receiving over 300 powerful B2B features that expertly deal with their most common requirements as well as the things they didn’t think were possible to deal with online.

B2B Platform Integration made easy

The Netalogue B2B enterprise platform has an extremely powerful and open architecture integration framework which allows rapid integration with other applications such as ERP and CRM systems. With support for many different integration standards and a resilient multi-tier model, it can be easily integrated with legacy systems as well as leading ERP solutions such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, Sage, etc..


Integration can be achieved by your IT department or alternatively by Netalogue’s solution team, who can provide you with all the necessary project and technical services you require to launch your Netalogue B2B ecommerce solution.

A B2B Ecommerce Platform you’ll never outgrow

When you purchase the Netalogue B2B Ecommerce platform you are not only buying the very latest B2B functionality; the platform is backed by Netalogue’s R&D department made up of expert developers and consultants that live and breathe B2B ecommerce each and every day to ensure Netalogue clients stay ahead of their competitors.

Every client has access to regular quarterly platform updates; every update brings with it the very latest developments from the fast-moving world of B2B ecommerce to ensure the B2B platform continues to lead their digital strategy and remain as relevant to their business as the day they bought it.

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