Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform

Netalogue is an expertly engineered “B2B” ecommerce platform which is used by highly successful business suppliers across all major industry sectors. The technology incorporates cutting edge B2B functionality which can be deployed to the benefit of B2B suppliers of any scale, across any industry sector. Netalogue integrates with major ERP, Finance and CRM systems by SAP, Microsoft, Sage, Oracle and many more.

Modular & ready to implement

The modular Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform is totally suited to the modern requirements of successful B2B suppliers no matter how routine or complex these are to begin with.

B2B, B2Corp, B2B/C B2C B2Channel Ecommerce Solutions

Whereas most ecommerce platforms are founded on the base catalogue, cart and checkout requirements of retailers Netalogue is different. Netalogue is 100% “B2B evolved” and has its roots firmly entrenched in the requirements of Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers. Netalogue does have B2C capabilities but the Platform’s biggest strengths are exposed by successful B2B trading organisations who are also operating ERP systems.

Platform Features

The Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform is modular and can be licensed with your choice of the following 8 optional feature packs.

B2B Ecommerce Core Features

Core Features

Highly evolved B2B ecommerce features sit alongside sophisticated order management, customer experience, CMS, ecommerce dashboards, search & navigation, product information, catalogue and payment management….

B2B Ecommerce Self Service

Customer Self Service Pack

Boosts Netalogue’s comprehensive My Account features further to include additional customer self-service functions such as invoice display, invoice payments, order histories, goods returns and account statements…..

Advanced B2B Ecommerce

Advanced Ecommerce Pack

For organisations with more sophisticated B2B requirements Netalogue’s advanced ecommerce options include many powerful functions such as customer personalisation, kit building, telesales order management, contract order pads, pdf catalogue generators, customer download centres …..

B2B Ecommerce International pack

International Pack

If your organisation transacts globally, Netalogue’s international pack options cover a range of language, currency and other geographic trading related features including Cyrillic and symbol based language support….

B2B Ecommerce E Procurement

E Procurement Pack

For organisations with sophisticated online business customers who wish to set their own staff budgets, align cost centre data to ordered items, run spend analysis reports, set order restrictions & workflows to control and limit expenditure….

B2B Ecommerce Marketing

Marketing Pack

Sophisticated merchandising features for organisations who wish to target customers with rules based promotions, loyalty incentives, offers, cross selling, etc…

B2B Ecommerce Mobile App

Mobile Pack

For organisations requiring dedicated ecommerce apps (Apple & Android) and responsive sites delivering exceptional mobile device optimised user experience …

B2B Ecommerce White Label management

White label Management Pack

For companies who need to manage and deploy multiple ecommerce websites from a single centralised admin system …

B2B Ecommerce Buyer Portals

Buyer Portal Pack

For (buyer tasked) organisations who wish to centralise different supplier catalogues into a single Netalogue online ordering portal…..

Why Netalogue do B2B better

Many ecommerce platforms claim to be B2B suitable but most of these technologies on inspection are of course founded on retailer orientated catalogue, cart and checkout systems which have had functions added to enable their vendors to offer different products at different prices to different customers which is fine if your B2B requirements are straightforward.

Netalogue is different. Netalogue is 100% “B2B user experience engineered” and has its roots firmly entrenched in the B2B requirements of Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers. Netalogue has B2C ecommerce capabilities but the Platform’s biggest strengths are exposed by successful B2B trading organisations who are also operating ERP systems.

Unrivalled B2B ecommerce features

Netalogue has an unrivalled and exhaustive B2B ecommerce feature list which enables it to meet the widest range of B2B requirements that manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers are potentially likely to encounter.

Unrivalled B2B Ecommerce Features

This validates Netalogue as a safe investment for both companies whose B2B ecommerce requirements are routine (as there are significant future upgrade options) or enterprise organisation whose immediate needs are complex (in which case Netalogue may be the only sophisticated and viable alternative to engineering from scratch).

Enterprise architecture

Regardless of whether your B2B ecommerce requirements are complex or routine. The Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform has been engineered to meet your needs both today and tomorrow. With capabilities for you to manage supersized catalogues, multiple webstores and complex business logic Netalogue is especially beneficial to organisations which have major current reliance on their B2B ecommerce channels or major B2B growth ambitions.

License Flexibility

Purchased as with any other business enterprise software product, Netalogue clients pay a traditional software license fee to operate the B2B ecommerce platform software they require to power their B2B ecommerce webstore or portal requirements. The modular architecture of the technology is reflected in the license pricing meaning your organisation only pays for the software it requires today. If additional components are required further down the line they can be purchased at a later date. Software maintenance & support plans are available separately and dependant on SLA requirements.

Front end flexibility

The Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform currently powers World Class B2B webstores & portals for successful business suppliers across a wide range of industry sectors. These can be swiftly configured using latest ecommerce practices and optimised according to whether you are targeting B2B, B2B/c, B2Corp or B2Channel market opportunities. In addition the Netalogue platform can also be configured as a procurement portal for larger organisations managing spend.

Dashboard & CMS

Successful manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers operate Netalogue’s easy to use dashboards and CMS software tools to manage their B2B ecommerce operations from one centralised screen. This software is included with all Netalogue systems and typically covers aspects such as catalogue & product administration; real-time order management & intelligence; web content management; customer personalisation; web store & portal personalisation; merchandising & promotions; languages & currency management; call centre interfaces; staff & user permissions and full synchronisation with ERP & financial systems.

Integration connectivity

Netalogue can be shipped with universal web services or file import/export connectivity (for organisations who wish to undertake and manage integration themselves) or alternatively the Platform can be delivered fully or part-integrated with a number of leading ERP or financial systems. For organisations who have particularly complex integration or business logic handling requirements Netalogue have exceptional ERP integration experience delivering highly complex integration projects on time and budget.

Hosting portability

Netalogue is a Microsoft .net technology which operates a Microsoft SQL database. It can be hosted in a standard Microsoft based hosting environment from a wide range of third party hosting providers or if capable from within your own internal IT department. This portability is a key advantage for larger Netalogue clients who demand control and autonomy; or wish to maintain consolidation of their IT strategy data centre relationships.

B2B Ecommerce Information Pack

B2B Ecommerce Information Pack

If you’d like us to send you more detailed & valuable B2B Ecommerce information ….

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