Teething Issues: How to Prevent and Bypass Common Issues When Changing eCommerce Platforms

Sometimes, even though you’ve done your research you can end up with an eCommerce platform that either doesn’t quite work or falls short of what your customers are demanding. Thankfully, you aren’t stuck with one b2b platform forever; re-platforming is there for those moments when you feel like you need to change platform for the benefit of your business.

There are issues that come bundled in with re-platforming, though, including porting over customer and transaction data, brand images, customer experience, and re-organising your departments. However, these issues can easily be circumvented, especially with the b2b platform available from Netalogue.

What Are the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform Features?

When you tell people you occasionally work away they think it’s a treat – the casual onlooker may think staying in hotels sounds like good fun but when you are on the road regularly working away it really can get tedious. Once you’ve had your meetings the highlight of the trip is the journey home and stopping off at a service station for a snack  before getting home for a warm dinner.  Service station snacks never used to be synonymous with good food but with the advent of quality food outlets like M&S you can now look forward to a nice prawn sandwich to tide you over for that last 100 miles of the journey. Marks and Spencer has stood the test of time, they’ve had up ups and downs like all retailers but they’ve managed to retain their customers generation after generation and I never quite knew their secret.

Freefall: Why Free and Open Source eCommerce Platforms Are Strangleholding Your Profits

Free ecommerce platforms don’t do what they say on the tin. In actuality, many “free” ecommerce platforms aren’t free at all, often coming bundled in with hidden costs, having a reliance on third-party software and developers, as well as providing limitations for your business. Integrating an ecommerce platform with internal systems is never an easy task. Even a bespoke, rigorously designed system can have quite a few teething issues, but these teething problems can quickly become the ecommerce equivalent of a double root-canal with free platforms.

How to Find the Best Ecommerce Platform for B2B: Questions to Ask Before You Buy

We may be biased, but we think we have the best ecommerce platform for business to business. However, it is important that you find the one that works best for your specific needs. To ensure you invest in the top B2B ecommerce platforms for your organisation, we’ve put together a number of points to consider.

Read on to discover the B2B ecommerce questions you should be asking potential system providers.

2018 B2B Ecommerce Essentials: 10 Features You Can’t Live Without

B2B ecommerce is going from strength to strength and opportunities to grow market share and improve customer service are encouraging companies of all sizes to quickly re-platform.

If you’re looking for a new B2B online ordering system that can be fully-integrated with your ERP solution for seamless account, warehouse, sales, and inventory management, check out the below features in our Essential B2B 2018 Checklist.

If they answer your needs, a Netalogue ecommerce solution could be ideal for you and your organisation.

Online Ordering Fuelling Sector Growth

Food and Drink is the largest manufacturing sector in the UK, it has a turnover of £78.7bn contributing £20bn in Gross Value Added to the UK economy. Many questioned what made this sector grow throughout the economic downturn with the government focussing on improving this growth by 20% by 2020. To add some perspective to these statistics, this sector is bigger than automotive and aerospace combined.

How to select the right B2B ECommerce Provider

When William Shakespeare wrote his soliloquy for Hamlet, ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’ he was comparing suicide to a little sleep; one of the most recognisable quotes of all time but few people read the play to the end in order to understand it’s meaning. A modern day cynic such as I would say ‘B2B or not to be – that is the question’… stick with me – if you are a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler without a feature rich ecommerce platform and a good digital strategy in place to deal with the next wave of change, you could unwittingly be writing your own suicide note.

B2B Key functionality that will increase your profits…

The old adage is  “never go shopping on an empty stomach”, we’ve all made the mistake of filling the trollies with enough food to feed an army (whilst eating the chocolate bar on the way around and throwing the empty wrapper in the bin before getting home). This coupled with leaving the shopping list behind means we typically buy everything we didn’t need whilst returning without the ingredients for the home-made chilli we wanted to make.

How to launch a B2B Ecommerce Site the easy way ….(it’s not rocket science)

It is often the case where you sit in meetings with someone’s glass half empty stating “it’s not possible” and “it’s far more complicated than that.” It is fair to assume that you wouldn’t expect a rocket scientist to deliver a baby, nor would you expect a midwife to launch a rocket into space so I often ask myself how do IT departments and marketing teams converge to work so collaboratively when their brains are wired differently?