RH Amar choose TrueCommerce Netalogue B2B eCommerce platform to improve and modernise its digital presence

COVENTRY, UK – January 20, 2021 — TrueCommerce Netalogue a global provider of trading partner connectivity, integration and unified commerce solutions, today announced that RH Amar, the UK’s leading importer and distributor of premium grocery brands, has moved to TrueCommerce Netalogue to improve its customers’ ordering experience, increase revenue and improve operational efficiency.

TrueCommerce Acquires Netalogue

Leading B2B eCommerce platform expands commerce network portfolio in Europe

Netalogue is pleased to announce that a deal has been finalised with TrueCommerce, a global provider of trading partner connectivity, integration and unified commerce solutions to acquire Netalogue Technologies plc, the United Kingdom’s leading provider of B2B eCommerce solutions. This addition complements the TrueCommerce portfolio by providing a strategic technology service that strengthens its commerce network throughout Europe.

In or Out? How Brexit Will Affect eCommerce and How to Prepare For It

Whatever your view on Brexit, it looks as though we’ll be leaving the EU. Whether we leave with a deal or not, Brexit will alter B2B ecommerce and online retail significantly.

Up until now, eCommerce has played a foundational role in setting up complex-yet-frictionless supply chains with EU member states. With import duties, tariffs and extended border delays looming, we break down how to prepare for a post-Brexit landscape and how the Netalogue platform can temper the rocky transition.

How Netalogue’s Ecommerce Security Protects Your Online Business

With ecommerce, you need to make sure the platform you’re using is secure. A platform shouldn’t only be there to maximise sales and help your customers, it should also protect your customers and your reputation.

Netalogue has a number of features that protects your platform from information leaks, hacks and other security concerns.

Below, we list how our e-commerce security protects your online business.

Teething Issues: How to Prevent and Bypass Common Issues When Changing eCommerce Platforms

Sometimes, even though you’ve done your research you can end up with an eCommerce platform that either doesn’t quite work or falls short of what your customers are demanding. Thankfully, you aren’t stuck with one b2b platform forever; re-platforming is there for those moments when you feel like you need to change platform for the benefit of your business.

There are issues that come bundled in with re-platforming, though, including porting over customer and transaction data, brand images, customer experience, and re-organising your departments. However, these issues can easily be circumvented, especially with the b2b platform available from Netalogue.

What Are the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform Features?

When you tell people you occasionally work away they think it’s a treat – the casual onlooker may think staying in hotels sounds like good fun but when you are on the road regularly working away it really can get tedious. Once you’ve had your meetings the highlight of the trip is the journey home and stopping off at a service station for a snack  before getting home for a warm dinner.  Service station snacks never used to be synonymous with good food but with the advent of quality food outlets like M&S you can now look forward to a nice prawn sandwich to tide you over for that last 100 miles of the journey. Marks and Spencer has stood the test of time, they’ve had up ups and downs like all retailers but they’ve managed to retain their customers generation after generation and I never quite knew their secret.

Freefall: Why Free and Open Source eCommerce Platforms Are Strangleholding Your Profits

Free ecommerce platforms don’t do what they say on the tin. In actuality, many “free” ecommerce platforms aren’t free at all, often coming bundled in with hidden costs, having a reliance on third-party software and developers, as well as providing limitations for your business. Integrating an ecommerce platform with internal systems is never an easy task. Even a bespoke, rigorously designed system can have quite a few teething issues, but these teething problems can quickly become the ecommerce equivalent of a double root-canal with free platforms.