How to launch a B2B Ecommerce Site the easy way ….(it’s not rocket science)

It is often the case where you sit in meetings with someone’s glass half empty stating “it’s not possible” and “it’s far more complicated than that.” It is fair to assume that you wouldn’t expect a rocket scientist to deliver a baby, nor would you expect a midwife to launch a rocket into space so I often ask myself how do IT departments and marketing teams converge to work so collaboratively when their brains are wired differently?

Netalogue to Sponsor Sage Summit Tour, London

Netalogue are delighted to sponsor the Sage Summit being held on 5th & 6th April 2017 at ExCel, London.This is a great opportunity for manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers interested in Netalogue B2B ecommerce solutions to view a demonstration or learn from our B2B ecommerce experts.

Netalogue’s Managing Director, Andrew Robathan helping to build the next generation of IT professionals

I was really pleased this week to be asked if Netalogue would participate in a local STEM event, not knowing what STEM was I did a quick Google and determined that Netalogue was actually able to add a lot of value to the event, an event to encourage secondary school pupils to  pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Probably not dissimilar to most professional IT companies we have typically recruited our team through the usual graduate trainee or professional recruitment channels but reflecting on this I realised that we had a growing number of key team members who had joined us after completing secondary school and not wishing to continue their education onto university.

20 Essential B2B Ecommerce Features for 2017

Global competition and the sheer pace of disruptive change and conflict in B2B channels is intensifying. Traditional B2B companies need to catch-up quickly and being able to benefit from an excellent B2B ecommerce webstore which has all the latest cutting edge features will be strategically more important than anything in 2017.

To help, Netalogue have released a targeted summary of the Top 20 most essential B2B ecommerce features which manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of all scales and in all sectors, need to be seriously considering in 2017.

Download 20 Essential B2B Ecommerce Features for 2017 click here

Millennials hate LinkedIn

Nick Barley, Chairman of B2B Ecommerce specialists Netalogue in a series of articles, muses on the impact millennials will have as they join the workplace… part four

In this article he considers the impact of millennials on business networking