Watch Out The Millennials Are Here

Nick Barley, Chairman of B2B ecommerce specialists Netalogue in a series of articles, muses on the impact millennials will have as they join the workplace…part one

In this article Nick Barley considers the impact of millennials on software design…

What every supplier needs to know about Punchout ecommerce

Austerity measures by heads of purchasing at large organisations is putting pressure on suppliers to support Punchout

Many of the largest buying organisations across the UK and Europe are demanding their key suppliers implement “Punchout” technology in their B2B ecommerce solutions.

Does one size of B2B ecommerce solution fit all?

Business customers come in different shapes and sizes

Like most suppliers to businesses your customers are probably loosely categorised into small, medium and large companies.

But have you fully considered how the ecommerce requirements within these different customer groups are being handled on your B2B webstore and are you using the knowledge of these differences to gain the maximum advantage?

B2B Ecommerce for ERP: The Perfect Complement

Why B2B Ecommerce is the Perfect Complement to ERP

Let’s face it… most sector leading companies have invested heavily in sophisticated ERP solutions to give themselves a competitive and operational edge. But after reaping the traditional benefits of well implemented ERP, increasing numbers of companies are moving on to open up various elements of their ERP solutions direct to their customers to improve the levels of efficiency and customer led services they can offer.

Ecommerce Self-Service for Manufacturers and Distributors | Netalogue

Customer Self-Service ‘My Account’ Features

Websites, not people, are increasingly the focus of growth and profitability in the B2B selling space, but B2B ecommerce success is not just about having a great online B2B selling machine. Adding ecommerce “self-service” functionality to your B2B webstore can significantly cut costs and save time for both you and your customers. Making it available will enable your customers to login and perform a variety of routine tasks themselves which they’d normally be totally reliant on your team for.