Manage all your supplier catalogues via one portal


This Netalogue solution is used by larger purchasing organisations to centralise different supplier catalogues into a single online ordering portal.

Key Benefits

  • Aggregate all the products your organisation orders from different suppliers into a single portal


  • Allow suppliers to update the portal directly with their product catalogues with approvals.


  • Streamline internal orders from your central stores and warehouse inventory.


  • Integrate with your existing SAP, Oracle, systems etc…


  • Buyer purchasing aids including personalised catalogues to make routine or specialist online ordering quicker.


  • Provide buyers with accurate stock levels and lead time information.


  • Full staff role configuration and sign-in messaging.


  • No transaction fees or other variable related surcharges.


  • Delivered quickly via Private Cloud.

Make it easier for the distributed staff in your organisation to purchase the right products at the right prices from your approved suppliers when they need them.

Learn how this system is utilised by organisations like:

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