The addition of the Buyer Portal Pack enables larger purchasing organisations to utilise the Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform as a centralised procurement system to streamline orders from suppliers and internal stores.

Functions of this pack include:

  • Single centralised purchasing portal
  • Aggregate key products an organisation orders from different suppliers into a single online portal
  • Multiple supplier catalogue content manager
  • Allow suppliers to update the portal directly with their product catalogues
  • Content update approvals process
  • Buyer purchasing aids including personalised catalogues and order pads to make routine and specialist online ordering quicker
  • Provide buyers with accurate stock levels and lead time information
  • Full staff role configuration and sign-in messaging
  • Reporting suite
  • Universal web services and file import/exports
  • ERP & punchout integration kits

Netalogue can also be configured with option packs which include
Advanced Ecommerce Pack, International Pack, E Procurement Pack,
Marketing Pack
, Mobile Pack, White Label Management Pack

and Buyer Portal Pack