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B2B Ecommerce is Complex, But Netalogue Makes it Easy

Founded in 2001, Netalogue is a London listed technology company that is the creator and licensor of the Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform.

This enterprise software platform fully integrates with leading ERP systems by SAP and Sage (amongst others), and is commercially proven within highly successful manufacturing, distribution and wholesaler businesses across a wide variety of B2B, B2B/C and B2Corp environments.

B2B Ecommerce Platform Solutions

Netalogue clients span all major industries with a range of turnovers from millions through to billions. Our technology is principally used by business to business product suppliers who wish to transact orders for products online and other B2B related services using B2B ecommerce webstores and portals.

The Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform is an especially popular upgrade choice for experienced ecommerce operators who have outgrown a previous system. Leading companies typically select Netalogue enterprise ecommerce platforms because of our extensive B2B functionality, speed of deployment and close business fit.


B2B Ecommerce for Distribution & Wholesaling

As a dedicated B2B software provider, Netalogue B2B webstores and portals extend far beyond basic storefront/cart type systems which typically fail or struggle to cope with the detailed characteristics and increasingly demanding requirements of B2B customers of distributors and wholesalers.

Below is a brief synopsis of Netalogue technologies’ core competences and areas of service expertise.

Areas We Cover

  • Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform – this is the software technology all our clients use.

B2B Ecommerce Project Specifications

Key Benefits

tickSoftware license flexibility – based on the B2B features vendors require
tickExpertly installed with full project management services.
tickSuited to complex & straightforward B2B ecommerce requirements.
tickChoice of software maintenance and support SLA.
tickHosting portability (on premise or private cloud).
tickUsed by B2B operators across all major industry sectors.

  • The platform creates and powers class leading B2B ecommerce portals

Leading B2B Ecommerce Portals

  • B2B ecommerce webstores that look like B2C but include all the B2B extras

B2B Webstores which look like B2C Stores

  • Self-Service features for customers to manage their own invoices, statements, order scheduling, etc…

B2B Self-service Features

  • Mobile device responsive ecommerce websites and apps

Responsive websites and apps

  • Punchout support for business suppliers to large companies

Punchout Catalogue

  • Ecommerce administration dashboards & CMS

B2B Ecommerce back office

  • ERP & finance system integration


  • Project delivery services

Ecommerce Project schedules

  • Support & Maintenance

B2B Ecommerce Support and Maintenance

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Our Work

Netalogue clients are highly successful companies that operate across a diverse range of industry sectors, many of which we are considered expert in including EDUCATION, ELECTRICAL, ELECTRONICS, INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES, PPE, PHARMACEUTICALS, TRANSPORT, SPARE PARTS, MOTOR FACTORS, LEISURE and OFFICE SUPPLIES.

To enquire more about our company or enterprise ecommerce B2B software, please contact us directly online here or call us on 0845 2220350.