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Mobile Ecommerce for Busy Business People on the Move

Mobile ecommerce growth is thriving and B2B markets are not immune. Netalogue offers responsive B2B ecommerce websites, plus two unique B2B ecommerce app options for companies operating the Netalogue™ B2B Ecommerce Platform. This means you can ensure your customers get the very best experience, whatever device they are using.

Apps for your customers

A sophisticated yet simple to operate B2B ecommerce app which enables your business customers to browse and purchase your products via their mobile and tablet devices. This app includes barcode scanning, utilising the device’s camera. Both iOS and Android versions of this B2B ecommerce platform are available.

Barcode scan mcommerce
Wholesalers mcommerce
Mobile Ecommerce
Ipad and Iphone Mcommerce

Apps for your sales reps

An iOS app developed specifically for B2B sales reps who need to take orders on the move, for example at customers’ premises or at exhibitions.

Responsive b2b Ecommerce
Business mcommerce
Mcommerce on the go
Specialist Ipad apps for reps
Ipad Mcommerce

Responsive Ecommerce Websites

If your company doesn’t need a specialist B2B ecommerce app then you can still deliver a high quality and enhanced experience for mobile device users. Netalogue ecommerce webstores and portals have responsive options which are fully compatible with mobile device browsers.

Responsive ecommerce websites

Encourage more mobile business buyers to engage with your brand using their mobile devices with Netalogue. Contact us today on 0845 2220350 to learn more.

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