Making purchasing more efficient whilst gaining greater control and analysis

If you are a large organisation with lots of staff making regular purchases through different channels such as procurement cards, telephone order, email, trade counter and online you will probably have a very reactive approach to managing and reporting on your expenditure and controlling what is purchased.

Using the Netalogue Procurement Marketplace allows you to consolidate your purchasing through a simplified, staff friendly b2c like ecommerce interface that can be accessed by your entire team, whether office based, home working or in the field using mobile devices.  With your suppliers maintaining their own product data this avoids extra work for your organisation whilst ensuring you have full visibility and sign off control on any changes they make. If you have internal stores or warehouses the inventory you have on hand can also be seamlessly presented and merged with the external supplier catalogues so that requisitions are automatically split between internal requests and new purchase orders.

Key Benefits

  • Aggregate all the products your organisation orders from different suppliers into a single portal.
  • Allow suppliers to update the portal directly with their product catalogues with approvals.
  • Streamline internal orders from your central stores and warehouse inventory.
  • Integrate with your existing SAP, Oracle, systems etc…
  • Proactive budget and approval controls at department, cost centre, project or user level.
  • In depth analysis and reporting of total spend across all suppliers.
  • Buyer purchasing aids including personalised catalogues to make routine or specialist online ordering quicker.
  • Provide buyers with accurate stock levels and lead time information.
  • Full staff role configuration and sign-in messaging.
  • No transaction fees or other variable related surcharges.
  • Delivered quickly via Private Cloud.

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