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Netalogue is a well-known expert in creating custom ecommerce solutions for large and established businesses in a number of industries. Our UK-based team of highly experienced engineers, analysts and consultants specialise in building custom ecommerce platforms for B2B development.

If you are a business with an existing ecommerce solution we may be able to help.

Custom Ecommerce Solutions

Below are the typical services we provide new clients who require a Netalogue B2B Ecommerce Solution:

b2b-consultationB2B Consultation & Needs Analysis
b2b-platform-featuresB2B Platform Feature Section

B2B Ecommerce Project Specifications

project-managementProject Management & Guidance
webstoreWeb Store or Portal Interface Selection
brandingApplication of Corporate Branding
portal-configWebstore or Portal Assembly & Configuration
erpERP Integration
hostingHosting Environment Specification
unit-testingUnit Testing
uat-managementUAT Management
vendor-trainingVendor Training
helpdeskHelpdesk Support & Maintenance
version-controlVersion Control & Platform Upgrades

Kick-start your B2B ecommerce project

To assist companies at this stage we have formulated a comprehensive B2B Ecommerce Project Specification Document that sets out the available features in a clear and concise format which our clients at every level (e.g. strategic, marketing and technical) have successfully used. This document is available upon request as part of our FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION service.

Contact us on 0845 2220350 to learn more about our custom ecommerce solutions or project services.

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