Connecting Companies to Buyers via Supplier Punch Out Catalogues

Netalogue have over 15 years of experience helping business suppliers connect to their larger customers via PunchOut. During this time we have worked with many of the world’s largest organisations delivering both straightforward and highly complex punchout ecommerce systems.

Are You a Supplier Being Asked to Support Punch Out Catalogues?

If you are, Netalogue can almost certainly help. The key information we need from you is:

  • The name of the punch out system or marketplace you need to integrate with. This will typically be an OCI or cXML compatible system operated by SAP, Ariba, Oracle or perhaps one of the many supplier marketplaces in operation, such as Unity, Pecos, or SciQuest.
ariba sap oracle Punchout
  • If possible, the name of the company you need to integrate with (there is every likelihood we may have worked with them before). We totally understand if you don’t wish to disclose this information at the outset and we can exchange a simple Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure full confidentiality if required.

There may be other questions which will be asked, but if you are able to answer the above then our punch out experts should be able to give you a price, feasibility and schedule options quickly.

This information can range from a budgetary estimate which we’re happy to provide over the phone if your enquiry is in the early stages; to a written quotation and pre-sale technical evaluation (this is usually conducted remotely for small projects) if your requirement is immediate.

Please get in touch with us on 0845-2220350 for friendly advice and more information.