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Many of the largest buyers across the UK and Europe are asking for their key suppliers to support punchout standards to allow the online catalogue and eProcurement system to be integrated. In doing so, the buyer benefits from streamlined purchasing and costs as much as 15% lower.

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Our punchout B2B Ecommerce solutions connect SME suppliers to enterprise buyers typically operating purchasing systems like SAP, Ariba and Oracle. Our punchout solutions also integrate with all leading public sector marketplaces, including PECOS, Open, @UK Marketplace and Zanzibar. Importantly, our punchout solutions can help suppliers to win vital new contracts with enterprise buyers.

How can we help SME suppliers?
We can provide stand-alone punchout solutions.
We can add punchout capabilities to your existing ecommerce website.
We have solutions for Ariba, SAP, Oracle and others.
We can setup punchout solutions to be maintained via a simple Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
We can integrate punchout solutions so they are seamlessly maintained from your own back office systems.
We can turnaround solutions quickly if you have a pressing requirement.
We have completed works for some of the World’s largest organisations.
We can work with your product and services catalogues no matter how straightforward or complex (from Actuators and Valves to Vehicle Hire and Office Products).
We have a specialist in-house team of eprocurement and punchout experts that will make the process a smooth one for both you and your customer.
How can we help enterprise buyers?
We can help your key suppliers collaborate with your purchasing solution.
We have developed custom user interfaces and punchout solutions which can even bring online those suppliers whose products or services are complex.
We have completed works for some of the World’s largest purchasing organisations.
We have a specialist in-house team of eprocurement and punchout experts that will make the process a smooth one for both you and your customer.
We can do all of the above on-time and on-budget.
The typical punchout process
The typical punchout specification process is usually completed within a few phone calls and emails. This will establish which purchasing system the buying company is operating, such as Ariba, SAP or Oracle. It will also establish what products or services you need to represent and how you would like to maintain them.

We can setup links to standard spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel or integrate the solution with your current systems. From there, we will build your punchout solution, accommodating tight deadlines if necessary.

All our punchout ecommerce solutions are implemented by our specialist in-house team of eProcurement and punchout experts. This ensures the process is efficient, cost-effective and smooth for both you and your customer. Very often, straightforward solutions are scheduled for development within days of the project proposal being agreed and commissioned.

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on-time and on-budget.
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