If your client base or target market includes discerning manufacturers, distributors or wholesalers whose sales turnover is typically in the range of £5m to £500m then Netalogue will be exceptionally relevant to their needs making it an excellent resell opportunity for you …

Netalogue is continually growing its channel programme and there are significant benefits to becoming a reseller partner. Our resellers are typically successful mid-market ERP software vendors (e.g. SAP partners, Sage partners, etc…) and System Integrators who’ve recognised the commercial benefits of adding a specialist “B2B” ecommerce product or to their business solution portfolio.

Value proposition

  • An easy product to demonstrate & deliver.
  • Comprehensive feature list to captivate your clients.
  • Flexible choice of reseller involvement.
  • Generous revenue share.
  • Partner sales toolkit & support.
  • Consultants help to ramp-up and expedite your first sales.

Programmes offered

  • Simple Referral – suitable for industry consultants and agencies
  • Sell with – we work closely with your team to demonstrate the product to your sales leads, we arrange the sale, deliver the product and take the lead role in providing 1st as well as 2nd and 3rd line support.
  • Sell through – this is more of a license orientated programme that is aimed at resellers who wish to sell, deliver and support the product themselves. This arrangement pays a more generous commission but requires the reseller to sell, deliver and provide 1st line support as a minimum.

Netalogue reseller programs are a great opportunity for your organisation, helping you make B2B ecommerce a powerful and profitable extension of your own software product, cloud solution or service offering.

Reseller Partners

Netalogue solutions are also available from the following leading ERP specialist partners.

Sapphire SAP Ecommerce
Mysoft Sage Ecommerce
EdenHouse SAP Ecommerce
BalloonOne SAP Ecommerce
K3FDS Sage X3 Ecommerce

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